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No more worrying about tough stains.

Sometimes you are just going about your business in the house and happen to knock over your half full glass of wine sending it spilling all over your new carpet. It might even be your 10 year old son who pours paint or the dog that urinates on your carpet. These stains may tend to […]

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Best Carpet Care Practice

After the purchase of your perfect carpet, you now need to know the best trick to maintain it in a good condition. This will both ensure a conducive clean room to live in and allow your carpet last long. To achieve this you need to apply the following methods; Preventive careIt is always advisable to […]

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Hi! I’m Mel Cho, and this is my cleaning blog! I’ve been working as a cleaner for 20 years and it’s become somewhat of a passion for me! I’ve made this blog in order to share tips and tricks that I’ve found particularly useful over the years. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on different cleaning […]